Eventually last day

We've been ignoring the coming "Last day", our adventure in Bali was coming to an end, and the idea of leaving was the saddest story ever.
During my researches I've found this place called the Hidden Secret Canyon just a few kilometres away from Denpasar. It was one of the best experience I've ever done. We drove for about 40 minutes to get there and once there we pay the ticket that was 15,000rp, at the entrance we've got asked to get a guide as well for 100,000rp because the way was quite tedious and dangerous, so we did.

I couldn't expect anything like this. We went down with our guide, called Wayan, we enjoyed his company a lot and after a while he told us he liked us, that we were "a really nice couple". He explained me how he learnt english just through guiding people down there. He had several time to stop and help us through the path, in some point the water arrives until your chest and if you don't know where to put your feet you could just get caught by the flow of the water. You have to climb rocks and cross river and sometimes is can be very slippery.
In a moment of distraction I've dropped my GoPro in the water, ...lost, was the first thing I've thought, but Wayan jumped in the water and I saw how concentrated he was to try to guess where it was gone. He looked like he was feeling the currents and he did find it just not too far from where we were. We couldn't thank him enough.

We engage such a lovely conversation with him during the journey and he was very available to take pictures of us.

The last part of the walk was much easier and around there were just smiling people and rice fields. 

Again Wayan explained me things about the Balinese culture. He told me how expensive for them was to travel anywhere and also added that he had never been in none of the place I've mentioned to him whilst we were walking. I felt sorry. People are living in such a poverty that they cannot even enjoy their beautiful country. We thank Wayan for guiding us with a really good tip, with the promise of spread the voice around about the Canyon and have all of them working more than what they are now.

We spent the afternoon before heading to the airport at the beach and when was time to leave back at the Villa Bambu 2 we thanked Larry and Ardi for the hospitality wishing them the best for their life.

We headed to the airport in a sacred silence. Bali has been a beautiful experience for both of us and we will have it in our hearts forever. The best way to celebrate three years of shared life.
I said to myself I will definitely come back, I don't know when, I don't know how. But this was a life changing thing that I will try to carry with me the longest possible. The dedication of the people, their happiness, their kindness, their beautiful loving kids, so different from the naughty one we have in our society, their simplicity, their food.

This was a taste of Asia, a beautiful and delicious one. Can't wait to live more experiences.

Back to Sydney, back to the lifestyle, back to upset customers, upset people, demanding people. But with a new mindset. A fresh one.

Talk to ya soon xx