domenica, settembre 16, 2018

New York take me away

Here I am on the weekend before my return to school. It's Saturday night, I'm really lost doing my stuff at home. Lately, this is my routine and I do not get tired at all it rather, I have to admit, makes me quite happy and quiet.

I came back from New York a few days ago and I must say that I recharged my the batteries there! I needed to see that city, every time I just feel home there, I feel I always have things to see and lots of things to experience, I feel I mustn't look too much for the best places because I know them. I feel like I know that city better than my dear London (or perhaps is what I like to believe in, just to feel a little closer to it). Although, that city always has something for everyone; brings love, takes it away, proves it and makes it known in its strangest forms.
I went to Washington square park, where artistic people spend their afternoons...

It's the city of the possibilities, it is the city of the jazz bars, the old school one. With a trumpet, a viola, a saxophone and a pianist. With the frontman who apologizes if he can no longer catch up with his breath like 50 years ago, when he arrived in New York, probably full of hopes and aspirations. It's the city of immigrants, our fathers and mothers, the city of art, music and people, the beautiful ones that warm up your heart.

I have visited several places. I went back to the vintage shop's chain that I had discovered two years ago with Lorenzo, I found a lot of goodies! I met Lauryn Hill, something that I thought would never happen since I did not even know that she was playing there and this thanks to one of my dearest friends (thanks Andrew, you're a true one!). I climbed on the tackiest rooftop in Manhattan just for staring at the Empire State Building in all its beauty, I got lost in Brooklyn Bridge park, despairing because I could not find my favorite spot, it was late and we were far from home ... I found it at the end. ...And there was a beautiful moon too.

The green highline

I saw my family again.
My aunt, I love her like a mother, my cousins who are almost a "man" and two "women".
No longer kids.
I'm proud of them.

I still dream of these street ... again!

I know I will surely come back to the topic !
N x

lunedì, agosto 27, 2018

...and August takes away the summer!

This summer was the best I’ve definitely ever had since I moved to London. Weather has been warm the whole time, I can’t even describe the feeling! Wanting to stay out, meeting up with friends, feeling like is never time to go home (however you really know it is the time), going for runs at the nearest park at sunset. People says that was the best summer ever...full stop!

Now, apparently August is sweeping everything away with it, but also bearing time for vacation for me, in fact in about a week I'm finally leaving ! But this is another post :) !

...During the summer I’ve come across Murakami’s book Norwegian woods. He was already known to me, I remember last year in Sydney I bought a copy for a friend of mine that was turning 40. I loved the idea of buying to her a really beautiful and well written book and doing my research I "met" Murakami. Since then I’ve always wanted to read that book and finally a few weeks back I was with my boyfriend in central London, we decided to check out the Japan Centre and there I found the book, my boyfriend noticed my interest and decided to buy a copy for me !

After a year I find myself holding the same book and wondering if my friend has read it and eventually if she's felt the same way I did. During the whole book there’s just a continuous flow of different emotions, It was probably one of the saddest book I’ve ever read; It drains you of all the energies, but you still loving it in a kind of sadistic way, learning about the characters fates. 
This Story is on one side a story of misadventure and a melancholic exploration of adolescent love and another side a thought-provoking and poignant study of memory, morality and mortality. Murakami never disappoints and always writes with a poetic richness that leaves almost every line hanging with symbolic possibility” (Goodreads) 
If I could summarize my feeling after the book they will probably looked pretty much like this.

When I finished the book, I thought about starting to read something else of his, I can't understand what was it, but perhaps I felt a little too pervaded by melancholy, for which I preferred to take a break from him, trying to wrap my head around what could be the next book for me.

One morning, going to the station, I brought with me an old guide about Dominican Republic (I know it's not very fair and probably a bit cheap, but as I believe in destiny and coincedences I thought someone might need it!) and at the book exchange I took with me Rise by Gina Miller, to be honest I’ve never heard about her before that day, but the undertitle "

Life Lessons in Speaking Out, Standing Tall & Leading the Way" felt like it was gonna be a good book for me.

That was actual a pleasant surprised! I started reading it and I immediately thought I was destined to read it. Besides the political part it is interesting because it explains through personal experiences how to face life and the difficulties that arise, especially from a woman perspective! It is reading this book that I've become passionate about Gina Miller and I decided to start to follow her advice and take her as a example! And almost to give me a confirmation that my trust and respect for her were founded, the other day something really crazy and spooky happened: I was reading sat up on the stairs of an office near work, at one point I realize that it was late and that I had to get back to work soon. 
I get up, close the book, look up and saw her in front of me, climbing on the rear seat of a  Land Rover, Gina Miller! I waved my hand, she looked at me puzzled and then she recognizes the book, tells the driver to wait, come out and I approached her! I couldn't contain the joy, I thanked her for the book, for the words and for the strength that gives me through her words! She thanked and asked me what was my name, all of this with such a warm smile and genuine expression! I intruduced myself and wished her all the best! She looked me a bit more serious, like a fierce warrior and says: "there's more to come!" I let her go after hugging her and thanking her again !
I could not believe. Some things happens for a reason!

I was trying to add a picture of the book, but strangely I can't find any on the internet. It seems like the book has been obscured from it. I've decided, for how much I liked it that I will let it travel. People has to read what this fantastic woman has to say. 

Well, August wasn't just about books, the other interesting thing is that I turned 27 years old!

I celebrated with several friends that I had not seen for so long and others came from much further away. It was a beautiful day, I felt loved! I received calls and video messages from every part of the globe and it was incredibly warming! It does make the difference to have a day like this. Which I was lucky to be able to document with a Polaroid camera, that I've received on the day. I had so much fun trying to gather everyone in the frames in order to have a nice bunch of memories of the day! 

The whole b-day was pretty hectic !  
Loved it ! 

What a laugh going through all these pictures. Overall I feel very lucky! I've got loving, honest people around. I feel energised and positive in most of my days ! In less than a month I'm going to go back to school, in less than a week I'll be in my favourite city in the whole world (any guess??). Things couldn't be any better! 

With Love,
Nic xx

martedì, agosto 14, 2018

The ligure Brooklyn bridge

It was The Bridge. I used to love crossing it,  made me feel like I knew exactly how Brooklyn Bridge was! I grew up driving through it and under it with my father, with my mother, with my childhood friends, with one of the first boyfriends in route for a romantic drink in Piazza Delle Erbe, on a train to Sampierdarena.
It was a symbol, Genova! It was where you could see the nearby Ikea, where you would have a second glimpse of the sea. Crossing the bridge was a ritual an experience more than anything...

I remember a younger myself sat in the back seat looking outside the window at the bridge's ties, thinking how majestic it was, years passed by and it made always the same impression on me, even now, whenever I have to go to the airport after a mini-break, that bridge had always its charm.

It was a spectacle.

Imagine just this morning how shocked I felt when I've discovered what happened. The bridge collapsed. How can a bridge collapse? How can this happen in 2018? With all the technologies we have? With all the latest iPhones, all the stupid things we surround ourselves with. The things that upset me the most is that our beloved politicians at the lead of the country talk about implementing new bridges and various infrastructures around Italy. What about the mandatory maintenance of the one we already possess?
In the last years whenever I'd come back home I'd crossed the Morandi bridge, there were always constructions sites, what for?  I thought improvement work was carried on, but apparently, they weren't. The whole country is waiting for someone to give the blame to and once everyone is happy the whole thing will be forgotten as the myriads of naughty and dirty things that go to pile up under the carpet. A bridge from the late 60s can't survive the weight and amount of traffic that we have nowadays, this means that the majority of the bridges in our country should be destroyed and rebuilt. But of course, monitoring and maintenance cost money, money that possibly local administration they don't have.

What of the rumours about the unsafety of the bridge? It gives me the shivers just thinking that this was announced tragedy rather than something unpredictable. My dear Italy, what's happening to the beautiful country you used to be in my father's stories? Although everyone was safe and none around me got hurt, his voice, it's hard to remove it from my memory, almost about to break in angry tears. The disappointment, the sadness of seeing his own country falling apart. My thoughts and words are towards the victims. This should be a wake-up call for the whole country.

domenica, luglio 22, 2018

Honest people

Good evening, almost a week has gone after the last post and during this time I came up with a different sort of conclusion. I remember that some time ago someone told: “You’ll be able to make a special bond with people from 16 to 24 years old - after that, you will see that it will get harder to establish a durable connection with people.” How true is that? I’m myself, in the situation where like I’m surrounded by many new people, but is so incredibly hard to get them to know me or even to get them to know me. And plus if you do get to know them, seems like there’s nothing interesting to look for in some of them. The other day I was talking to a friend of many, a really close one, she told me that we should never lose the ability to be curious and that is what takes a step further; was probably something I knew already, but how good it is when someone tells you in their own words? When you see that isn’t just something cloudy being pictured sometimes in your mind, but that curiosity itself is what makes the difference. 
People aren’t gonna remember about you, but you gotta give something to them not to forget you. So it will a good thing to start giving yourself ideas and brief to make people think about them, every day make at least one out-of-your-comfort-zone question for someone.
It has not to be “How are you?”, it has not to be something easy to reply to, but something that could give them to think and be curious themselves about you. 

A few days ago I went to see the game at the pub and unexpectedly I’ve met this girl we used to go out many years ago. “Life has changed and is good,” she says to us, me and Lorenzo. The three of us looked at each other in a meaningful way understanding our glances in a matter of seconds; the thing that life has changed and it keeps evolving, is like getting lost in the same forest all over again, being sure of where the path is but almost unconsciously mistaking it all the time, until you find it and you can’t believe how easy it was to find it. Life is a looping thing and eventually, everything will repeat. During this time, I wished I could gain more people skill in this life and become more and more comfortable with the acquired ones from previous experiences. 

The truth naked and crude is that people actually suck, and you gotta deal with this. The more you grow, the more you will learn. The faster you’ll do, the less you going to be affected by negative energies. Because it takes a minute, or a wrong phrase to transform your mouth in a human volcano of burning words. - I’ve decided to delete the last part of this post, because of a very strong language, that I refuse to use on this blog - lol

With (self) love

N x

mercoledì, luglio 04, 2018

Flight back to reality

Guess what?

My flight is an hour delayed, whilst I started to think about all the possibilities I have to get home at a decent time I thought I could dedicate some time to my blog!

With great surprise is a pleasure to be able to sit here, in the airport departure hall with a little bit of time for me to think about the past days. On Friday, my father drove me to Serravalle where took a train to come and visit my boyfriend towards the South of Italy. It is incredible how life here is always beautiful! They say is boring as fuck, because from their side there’s nothing to do, but I think is just great. I totally mean it! Friends gather together at the bar, probably just smoking cigarettes and gulping beers! But they are together, talking, exchanging stories, updating each other on their own life. People down here are so warm, there’s a genuine interest towards the individuals around you. Every time I come back is a feast! Makes my heart so full! It is such a great feeling to be surrounded by so many nice people! I can start calling them friends year after year; I was talking to my parents a few minutes ago and my mum told me: “ You should have gone a bit before, you always enjoy more there. “ This is not absolutely true. I deeply love my family, I love spending more time with them than anyone else, there was just a half-truth in what she said. I feel like every time I’m going back home there are less and fewer people I can relate to. The ones I can, for whom I truly feel blessed and grateful, are the ones that have their own lives and their things to carry on with and most of the times I’m more like little brackets in their days. Is sad times, seeing how life goes past you and is like you’ve been hibernated for a certain period of time.

Whilst here things seem never changing, people get together, they love each other. 
But… Friends are there every time and every day. People get really together when someone’s coming back. A table of 23 people, some of them haven’t seen each other in ages. But they are still there. This is so powerful. I’m sad I couldn’t be the one strongest enough to keep everyone stick together, although a time you can’t do anything with time and people’s minds, things get ruined, internal and behavioural fights start. 

I’m so glad I can witness still love and friendship around me and leaving my sweet troubled country with a big smile and happy to go back to what I can call a second home

I’m sitting here, I’ve probably said that already and I’m looking at the different people sitting around me, parents that are going to spend a week to cool down in London. English ladies and gents coming back home with their cute sandals all bronze and tanned reading their books. And us Italian are the least quiet. Kids have their noses glued to the window to try to trace the aeroplane. A massive petrol tank drives at full speed on the airstrip, people - most Italians - move towards the gate windows of this little and provincial airport to see what is going on outside, “flight is delayed and is not gonna change” I think. Everyone makes me feel like I’m actually missing something out being here and writing instead that looking around and being curious. I love this country I love the populate it, but how hard it is to even think to come back, when your life is slowly, slowly going towards somewhere?

Gotta check that window out now… :)
Nic X

martedì, giugno 26, 2018

Keyboard never bores me

Every time is the same odd feeling. I remember when I was a teenager was super easy to keep up with a blog, however, nothing really exciting was happening in my life! Now, with all the beauty and stuff actually going on I'm so struggling to even post a few words twice a week.

I've decided to go through my blog once again. The last post I've read is from my trip to Bali. I was reading a few of them: ...getting lost in ricefield, Ubud's monkey forest... I'd love to be back there and live again those moments. Eating banana's pancakes and drinking piña coladas ...I'm trying to stay focus and live the present moment, although taking a walk down memory lane seems a very appealing thing. Before leaving Australia a person that I might consider a friend gave me an incredible book "The Power Of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. That book walked me till the end of my journey home. It blew my mind, teaching me how to see the world and live situations in ways that otherwise I could just have hypothesised.

Just the fact that you can actually live the moment and that there's nothing bad about trying to focus just on what will be in the now rather than in the future is a big step to me, whom I've always been trying to organise everything in my life...

It is something that I will definitely quote more in the next posts if I can carry on writing some more.

...What I was gonna say? It is truly hard to engage and commit to a blog. I've found some posts coming directly from that time where I crossed the East Australian coast - Sydney to Cairns - with three boys, the most incredible adventure ever! It was just so impossible to post some of my writings, the internet connection was rubbish and truly Blogger (by then), didn't have a proper app I could easily use without access to a computer to post a combo of photo and words. So literally, I've got hundreds of pretty moments that I managed to squeeze into words for the glory of my iPhone notes.

I've decided that my laptop shall be again my friend and that I shall solemnly try to keep it up with the post and try to write as much as possible, perhaps ending my post with a little quotation from one of these posts, written-but-left-behind.

...and again ? What's the aim of this post? I don't know yet, I thought I have been a long time without logging in and imagined was gonna be nice to see what I left and here I am.

...Since I'm I could narrate my life at the moment and tell you a bit more about what's going on: I decided to move back to London, coming to the realisation that I really miss Australia (or probably just the fact of being free and surronded by nature and big pets:) ) and what life was there (bear on mind that I could have actually stayed I just didn't think was the perfect time by then). I drastically changed my way to deal with things in Australia. I've learnt things about myself, re-taught to myself how to live life and enjoy the simple things, London doesn't seem so much fun anymore. It is a really good city, full of opportunities, but something has snapped in me. People most of the times ask me if I feel like London is my home, I'm not exaggerating or pretending to be the hippie-gipsy-kind-of-gal, ...BUUUT, I feel like nowhere is my house anymore. See, I come from Italy from a really nice traditional family, my beloved father has always been a visionary individual thinking always what's best for his family; thinking always that the future wasn't here, so when he started talking himself about moving the whole team to Portugal I've kind of started to mentally detach from this house and these walls. This is my physical house, but for how long it will be? And London has been my love but for how long will it last?

"Where to start from? We’ve been travelling for almost more than one month. And I’ve seen and visited incredible things which probably I won’t never forget. The first part of our trip started in Alice’s spring. We decided to...."

Getulio Alviani - Monorecchio, in aluminum, 1965

Truly yours, back again
N xx

giovedì, novembre 23, 2017

A slightly old post which I really wanted this blog to have

Eventually the time to leave Sydney has come. It wasn’t easy, people have been saying to me “Just stay! And start your life here.” So many things are keeping myself away from that thought! I’ve been living by myself for ages now, but I can’t still accept to be too far away from my roots. Is it so wrong? I’m trying to keep up with my life every single day, to be straight and in the position. Always ready, always prepared. To have all my things settled up in space, but a times isn’t a easy thing. Like trying to keep a blog and being faithful to it ( I’m pretty sure I still have to write the second part of the trip in New Zealand!), but being close home and have the possibility to hear my parents giving advices to me, makes an enormous difference and I’m not ready to give up to this and perhaps I’ll be never.

 Eventually, as I was stating before, my time has come to an end and the only thing I can think of are the beautiful people I’m leaving behind. I made so many friends and I think the most of I’ll be able to see them around the world, in some sort of corners. It is hard to explain, but it is like anywhere you go makes sure you leave a little piece of yourself, that you will be able to reconnect with just after some time. I think this experience changed me a little. This whole coming to Australia, being stress, the first encounter with Australian people. Everything gave me a new perspective and new baggage of experiences that I’ll probably won’t forget. My friend Katerina told me the other day, you will never forget about this year. I hope so. I don’t want to forget anything about the people I met, all of them has got a different detail, a different smile, a soul, a personality that I want for it to be impressed in my mind. I feel like a painter that has just been gifted with a new palette of beautiful colours.

 And today I’m on this van! With love and friendship together, driving towards the north, Sydney is already far away and it seems like I’ve left it ages ago! I’ve promised to myself that I’ll make the most out of this travelling experience that I’ve got ahead.

 With love and kindness, NB

martedì, settembre 05, 2017

Royal National park, a bit late... but here I am 😏

With August coming to an end, Australian winter is following, coming soon to an end; it wasn't actually as I imagine, I've thought Australia was never getting any cold, but I was wrong as most of the things. 😂 It doesn't get cold, but like for example the weather has been great and the only thing I had to complain for were the cold winds coming from the Ocean which were incredibly strong and intense. I'd say that Australia winter ❄️ reminds a little bit of English summer, just sunnier. 🤤

No longer ago I've turned 26 and for my bday, we organised a little trip to the Royal National Park, just a hour south from Sydney the park is gorgeous, full of nature, such a nice break from the city. And the weather played a wonderful role in it. (that's why a was so keen to talk about it at the beginning of the post).

It felt so good to drive through the roads of the Royal National Park which impeccably gorgeous and well kept. 

We stayed in this little village called Kirrawe, John, our host was so lovely and explained us a bit more about the sorroundings. It wasn't hard to almost completely forget that we were just few km away from Sydney and getting lost with body, mind and soul in all that beauty. 

John's place was a little apartment with a fantastic view over the National Park, it was like for 3 days the time stopped. We walked around, drank wine, ate beautiful home made dishes. It was paradise.

Every morning, we had a flock of cocotoas seeking for breadcrumbs, they are majestic and so beautiful. I guess for Australian people they are another kind of big colourful parrot living on their high trees, imagine for us coming from Europe where we have just standard European boring pigeons anywhere we go.

 I felt like a child, imagine, us two feeding those large parrots. It was pure happiness.

I'm writing this post with the happiness and the awareness of a new coming trip starting... tomorrow ! Still have to start packing ! The deal is: 1290 KM in 6 days. Are we gonna make it ? 

(I've actually forgot as - sometimes happen - to post what I wrote about a week ago, I'm going to post now anticipating also next New Zealand post... aaah, and the km were a big calculation mistake. It was a waaaay more )