Day 6 to 8, the more relax I get the less I write 😏

Our friends rented a beautiful villa in Amed and the morning we woke up early just to have a last walk in Ubud before our driver Johan would come to get us. Something that I REALLY have to mention to you is the Art Market in Ubud, which is absolutely spectacular. You can find anything there and if you can bargain you can get good prices as well without bankrupt the people from there. They will always try to get the highest price for you. Just be clever and think about what you can spend there, but think about them as well.

Ubud it was incredible, one of the best places I've ever been at. Made and Putuh made it spectacular, with their warm welcoming and Putuh amazing breakfasts it was really hard and sad to leave. 

When Johan arrived we said goodbye to each other with the promise to meet again and spend some more time with them, they stayed in the garden hugged one to the each other until when we left and lost sight of them! I'm sure I will come back it's a promise to myself.

Journey to Amed is about 3 hours and you go through narrow roads, incredible forest and rice field everywhere, where the forest is really dense you can get to see monkeys again, running freely down the streets. The road runs along one of the seven active volcanoes of the Island, Batur πŸŒ‹and the view is just incredible.

As soon as we arrived we found our friends were already by the pool of the wonderful villa we rented, waiting for us. The time has like stopped. The quiet and calm in this place were just  a little barrier wall separated us from the black sand beach and the ocean 🌊. 

Having lazy time and a few beer was impossible. The guys rented in advance some scooters and in the evening we jumped on them and drove to the village were for 26$ ( not each, ) we had a fabulous Balinese dinner served by an amazing and funny young balinese girl. 
All of us were really tired and we got to bed quite early, coming for us the next day was a discover of the surroundings and dive in the ocean. 
At 6.30 I was awake, I couldn't get anymore sleep so I just went by the beach to see the sunrise. Not so late after Francesco reached me, because of the same reason. What we saw was just incredible, the sun coming up from the sea was spectacular. 

Still don't have words to describe the beauty of this Island. 

Few hours later we had a breakfast served in the dining room of the vill, was nothing compared what I've expected, the staff of Villa Angung is simply so sweet and we had noodles, eggs, fruit pancakes, toasts and and amazing quantity of fresh fruits πŸ‰ 🍍! It seemed not coming to an end dish after the other table was full of food, such a blessing.

After brekky we drove to a beach next to Amed where we spent our day eating fish and diving and what we've got to see was truly incredible, never seen so many coloured fishes all together! Barracudas, Mantas, fish of all sorts and colours. It was a pleasant day in a pleasant company! 

Around 6 o'clock we've delivered an amazing dinner from the staff of the Villa. It was supposed to be a snack, but it became our dinner. A traditional chicken cooked in banana's leaves served with rice and vegetable! When was time to clear the manager, Wayan, she told us about her life, how she lost her father when she was 3 and how since then life just wasn't so unpleasant, she's been kicked out from her father house with her mother and she had to work for her and her mum sick making the money enough to buy potatoes, not even rice. She told us how she tried to be always with the smile upon her face and after few years she's got married and now she has her own family and manages the staff of the villa. She thankful to her karma because she has been always good now her Karma repaid her labors. This is another example of Balinese culture and people always happy and trying to do their best in life to gain the best in future from their karma. 
It was breathtaking, but we listened to her relieved of the happy ending.

After dinner we went to a Reggae bar (the only one in the village) where a band played the most famous reggae songs. It was really pleasant, but we didn't last long and we've got back to villa for our last night. 

The next day we had a lazy and silent breakfast and our drivers arrived, we were going to Padang bay, Bloo Lagoon and the rest of the guys up to the north. 
The journey was just an hour and half long and I've got organised for when there a scooter for us to get around.
The village of Bloo Lagoon is really small and not too touristic, we stayed at the Dharma Homestay a lovely bed & breakfast in the heart of the town. In the afternoon we went to Virgin Beach, which was just 40 mins of drive away. We had lunch in a little Warung by the beach were a gentle lady cooked us a wonderful grilled snapper which I think I won't be able to forget. The best grilled fish I've ever had and I'm not exaggerating!! :) 

We had couple of swims and enjoy the wavy ocean. Our day there ended up in a small little restaurant were we were the only customer atmosphere was nice as always. At this point you are starting to realise that holiday sooner or later will come to an end and just try to enjoy the most of it and keep it safe in your heart.

I've found in a little bookshop a used copy of Eat, Pray & Love from Elizabeth Gilbert. I've thought about that book a lot and was such a pleasant coincidence to find so I started to reading it from the bottom part realising how many things I've forgot about it. The balinese culture in the book is framed really well and it is going to be a good reading for the last days.