Day 9 - Down to the City

On Sunday I set my alarm quiete early, I really wanted to don't waste the hotel. We had a dinner prepared by the staff of the B&B eggs on toast, banana pancakes, juice and coffee. We left our backpacks at the receptions and went off to discover Lagoon beach and White Sand Beach. Both of them were incredible. 
Now, Padang Bay it's where ferries to Gili Island and some other Islands arrives and departs, the village itself is beautiful as most of the villages in Bali, but the beach of the bay  is very dirty and is a shame how bad is kept. 

As soon as you get out from Padang Bay you can find incredible beaches. Which are full of Warung that do food on the beach. After we checked out both of the beaches we decided to stay in White Sand Beach having our last beautiful lazy morning in the area. 
In the early afternoon after a few jumps in the water we came back to B&B to collect our belongings and wait for our taxi driver. 
You see, Balinese people are so kind hearted ( and I would never stop to say this ), noticed we just got back from the beach the manager from the place, asked me if I wanted to take a shower in their own bathroom, which I happily accepted. 

After a while the driver arrived ( and guess what? ) his name was Made. He drove us to North Kuta our last stop. Made was the first driver I could tell was a proper balinese one, the most dangerous person I've ever seen driving a car, Francesco was slightly shocked I was trying not to look up at the road. I think, just in one hour he has committed the violations enough to go to jail in a Western or European country ( at the end I couldn't help complimenting him for his skills ).

First impressions about North Kuta and the central area ? Forget about Ubud, the peace and the calm. This area is very touristic full of people, full of cars, full of restaurants, full of everything. 
Thankfully the place we rented is a paradise still away from Denpasar's chaos. Villa bambu 2, is a two bedroom cozy villa in a private complex. The first person we met at the Villa is Larry, Australian from Brisbane  in retirement visa in Bali, at first I didn't feel exactly easy with him, he looked a bit grumpy to be honest and not really happy to have us there. With the days and the breakfasts had together I've got to talk to him a while and he's absolutely lovely, I feel so happy I've met him at end of this adventure. 
One thing I think I will always remember he told me it was when he was taking us to rent a scooter: " you see, my generation studied, left school and started to work and did it for a whole life. I couldn't  travel like these new generations, you jump from one place to another, you see the world; I'm living my dream now, and starting a new life ". How true. The only thing I could say to him was that he deserved this new chapter and that I was wishing him all the best of luck.

Scooter rented, was already almost sunset and since we were in the right part of the island, we went to see the sun sets down in Seminiak with you ice-cold Birtangs.

Although the place is quite different from what we were in used to we enjoyed this early approach with the society, it is definitely the best way to get in used to the idea we were almost done with our trip.
Everything around us was screaming money and business, even people, they seemed less nicer than ever. I came up with the fact that perhaps that was just the stress the life gives you and that, people were still nice, but always surrounded by rude and demanding people, they just have a different behaviours in this area and hide their kindness.