There was a time.
It was the time of the vintage clothing.
The time I was going uni and I didn't have much else to think about.
It was the time where I was going through this certain teenage state in which at some point everyone fall in. I finished my BA I'm actually graduated and I should be ready to get to that point for which I've worked so hard in the past years.

I'm done.
I feel like some interior changes are going on, but I'm still not getting where they are coming from. I've changed a lot. I've got to deal with a different me whom has grown up a bit and learnt new things, but still.. I feel like I'm literally lost. Have you ever felt like you are going through some certain things and you are like: "Okay, I'll do this for a while just in order to give myself a better stability and after that I will sort myself together". This fase is fucking troubling endless. If I can say that. I don't know if what planned for the future it is what I really like or just a reflection of what I'd love to do. I don't know if that can fit in what my plans are and yes, I still don't get if I'm growing up stronger than ever or just weaker.

It is so easy to feel lost under this stars. Looking up to the sky and feel like a number, like nothing compared to the rest of the world. Years ago I thought a city could have saved me, now it's everything so tight and small, everything it is in my pocket. And I need new excitement as I need a sprint for myself. Stuff to do, people to meet. But how you do? When this city is getting your whole free time? When what you need to live are money and when this money has to be earned somehow.

Just pull yourself together, father's words. This is what he would say.
Think about the strongest people you have ever met.
That would do.


Randomly with love,