Day 10 - Lucky day

The whole night and morning.
All my plans were pretty much ruined.
The idea was in the morning to go to Kuta beach in the afternoon at the fabric market in Jl. Sulawesi, the Kuta Art Market and to end our day at Tanah Lot temple to see the sunset !
We decided to invert all the programmes and go first to the fabrics market in Jl. Sulawesi, it was still raining when we've got there. I had a clear idea of what I was after. At the B&B in Padang bay there was at the bottom of the bed this beautiful, very colourful and full of pattern and quite heavy as well. So I asked the B&B where they got them from and they told me in Denpasar; so you can imagine myself, going shop by shop with a picture on my phone.
Eventually someone recognised the pattern and took me to the other side of the road, to another market, she told me she was taking me to "her sister" and that she would give me a "really good price".
Okay, trusted!
I followed her up to some stairs and she introduced me to her sister. She had the covers and they were beautiful with thousands different patterns! I was going mental! I asked her about the price. 1,000,000rp. What ? I thought she mistaken of something, she asked me 100$! I tried to bargain the price, but she was stubborn, so I said to her I'd have to think about and she tried to offer me a slightly cheaper price which was still a lot to me. I went to the next shop and with my surprise that lady more delicate and kind than the previous one she had it for a fifth of the price the other lady had it. No need to bargain, I was super happy! I thanked her in so many ways and got from her also two beautiful Sarongs everything for less than half of the price the other lady had offered me.

I kept looking around for a while, whilst Francesco was waiting impatiently for me at the entrance. I was in amusement; so much work in there, so much valuable materials and fabrics, so many interlaced stories. I didn't need anything else, but I just wanted to keep looking around and discover more fabrics and more patterns. 

After a while under the begging eye of Francesco, I decided that was time to leave, thanked the girl and walked away with my fabrics. Since the sky was still pretty cloudy we decided to go to Canguu Beach and Tanah Lot temple. Canguu Beach is the typical surfing beach you can find in the area, whilst Tanah Lot temple is a beautiful complex of temples by the beach. The area is really vaste and there are two different temples. 

The first is prohibited to access is on a cliff and I guess it can be very dangerous for too many people to be on it. 

Whilst the second is easier to access, you just have to cross the sea in a little part. At the temple you have the chance to get a blessing, which I did, you make a offer, wash you face in the holy spring water and the holy man leaves some rice grains on your forehead and a flower behind your hear. It seemed a good way of wishing myself to soon come back to Bali again.

In the afternoon finally the sun was back and we went to Kuta beach, over there we just enjoyed the sunset time, at one point a woman selling bracelets came to me and asked me if I wanted anything. I  declined, saying I didn't need. A bit sad, she pointed out at my fingers, trying to make some sort of conversation and resting her legs as well and she told me how much she liked my rings. I took one of and put it at her finger and said that it was hers. She couldn't believe it. She told me that in 14 years doing this job none ever gave her a gift and that this was her lucky day. I was surprised it was such an easy thing for me to do it and I've seen how happy she was, she made my lucky day! 

( Oh Bali. I will miss you. )

I had my daily treats, found my cover, had my blessings, made someone smile. This was certainly my good day. We decided to ended up our day with a massage, It wasn't actually really in mind, but I've decided to go along with it. Never done one before, I was a bit ...scared? ...Unprepared about someone I don't know touching my skin? ...I don't know! I've just never thought about really getting a massage...

...The most relaxing experience of my life an hour of just nothing, classic music and relax. Was really nice! A good ending for our day.