New work experiences

Summer is going good so far.. we can start to forget about the nice summer that we had last year and start to think about better autumns. The weather doesn't look to give any signs of changing and outside seems like we are not going to wear tshirts any longer.

I don't think I talked a lot about my new job at the restaurant, which for what I'm studying is just perfect because gives me lot of free time. A started to work in Strada at the Brunswick centre just a few minutes from Russell square station. 
At the begin was such a struggle and I was really confused about everything, when was not busy I was to try to get all the things that I needed to know. I know, probably most of the people thinks that is just "being waitress" (but a part from that which is totally true), is something as well psychologic regarding helping the people to make them feel comfortable and let them buy anything you suggest or you just upsell. 
I met so many nice people and comparing with the busy shops in Oxford Street there's no way.
I'm feeling like people where they're eating the can't be sad or upset. And they gonna let you help them, they will have a chat with you and even ask you to take a sit with them. In the most of the cases you meet just nice people, a part from these who had a bad day or are normally really unfriendly and impolite. 

I wanted to talk about this experience cause most of the people thinks that working in shop is cool and so fashion. It is, but to be happy you have many different ways.. and whilst I'm studying I choose that one. 


Talking about news ?
We have a new woman living in our flat and since all of us are really in love with her we celebrated a few days ago... those are some of the best shoots.  

(im falling down for you)