mercoledì, luglio 02, 2014

Good moments in pictures...

As been a while without posting anything on this pages. Perhaps cause anything was having a relative interest in my life for a while.

The whole story is about things that happen for no reasons. When you just from spending nice moments with a person, you start to build a good relationship, but you don't understand the nature.
I'm not talking about love, I'm talking about love yes, but also different things. That post is probably going to be a ode to the word "Words". To the talks...

It means reconciliation, salvation, finding yourself and trying hard everyday to get, ..lets say a new word.. to yourself.

We've been to a birthday couple of days ago and what I discover was the word "Reconciliation" and in that occasion... "Dinner" as well, which could sound a bit awkward but actually was beautiful having a dinner altogether as nothing of all we passed through the past months happened.

I mean, that was a great moment and my camera which seemed happy itself gave her best with some shoots! Our birthday lady was happy and beautiful, I bet she was... the cake, which made me a proud girl for a night it was made by so much love and so much affection, cause at the end wasn't really hand made....ermmm!

But who knows me is aware that I'm not a good chef. (:

Many things happened apart from the a new chapter of our lives is starting.
Our family has been divided we are ready to move forward and just start to hope the sooner or later we will cross our paths again.

Ivan is in New York and I wish him all the luck I could cause he will idealise or probably he already did what does that city means to me. And he will love it as he never loved any other city.

Teresa, she is still with us but soon Bournemouth will take her and she will carry on with her films and video studies.

Lorenzo, he started to do something related with his passion and he will maybe realise his dream soon, until that moment he's leaving the city soon to go back to Italy and relax a bit.

So me.
I'm starting all over again. But as now I'm really happy, I'm taking a bit more care of myself and I'm just smiling most of the time. I stopped to loosing time doing and I stopped to look at the past.

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