Welcome to the "new girl", welcome to Australia !

You don’t necessary have to write for someone, just do, yourself is enough. 
It's been been so long, new things, travels, I REALLY wanted to write about, but never known where to start off from…
Let’s open a draft of a few months ago and see what I can do with it. 
"Tomorrow will be the day" I said to myself many times and I will get back onto writing my blog! I feel like I lost some passion ( and patience ) in the recent years and I’m not able anymore to follow up with my words. I guess is just a matter of sitting down with yourself and let the flow of words coming out.

I’ve moved to Australia on January 2017, precisely to Sydney. I don’t know what or who made me do this, but after all it's a super nice break, felt deserved, after so many years in London, studying and working hard.

(Just a quick one...  you know, actually as words are typed on the machine, I don’t really care who’s going to be reading this. )

I’ve arrived to Sydney on the 10th of January, I won’t dwell on how hot it was and how hard was to get in use to the weather. It was simply so good, but for the human nature of perpetual complain, there was always a little thing wrong for me. 

In the first weeks in Sydney I had many trail shifts, a few in some Italians place where I think, although I was in really need of work I’d not work for gold in hands. Italians overseas make themselves so unpleasant! ..Not always, but sometimes is very annoying how the people you meet are ( or at least they think ) constantly on a higher position. Darlin’, all of us are immigrants, you are as well. Wake up. 
I also had wonderful experiences, but wasn’t what I was looking for. There are Italians which are proudly dedicated and loving towards their job and people they work with , they just want the best for the company and you to be part of it.

Luckily after a few weeks I had my remote internship with The Relauncher and a job in a little middle-european restaurant in Waterloo called Kepos & Co. , over there I’ve met an incredible woman, whom I won’t probably never forget. She's the first person who left something in this adventure. She’s the strongest person and sweetest person at the same time. Strong as Iron, delicate as a flower, talking to her, is always a pleasant moment and she has good words for everyone, no matter what. With all the ups and down, my internship very demanding, I’ve started to call this place home. The rest of the staff were really hard to have them to like me, they were really close with each other I’ve spent long time before stop being the “new girl” it like breaking through a community and be like a hurricane for them, I guess. Eventually I made it and I start to love all of these behaviours, people, and ways to be. It was challenging!

By the time, I've got to know everyone, I've received another job offer to The Apollo... Was really sad leaving Kepos, but it was also for good, I need to save the most for my coming trips and the new place would have helped me to do so.
The Apollo is an Australian Greek restaurant in London, vibes are super good, and the people I work with all of them has got something different to say, some are very interested in music, some other arts, fashion, psychology. I've met a bunch of interesting souls and day by day I'm learning about each of them. It like a big family. I said to myself that this would be last work in hospitality before going back to London. It is a good last of a deal. 

I think those images describes perfectly how things are going now! 
Pretty good. Last day, Francesco my bf said to me: "Siamo al giro di boa" which I think makes sense just in the Italian language, is pretty true. We are half way our trip and everything is going with the flow. I'm very excited!
I think for today that's all, internet is troubling me a bit and I've been writing more than expected. 
Promise, will write more very soon!

NB x