sabato, febbraio 22, 2014

Different house different colour same sofa.

"Where do you live?"
That's thr obvious answer I've got everytime somebody's asking me. I don't have bed, I don't have room, I don't have a proper space to leave my stuff. He, my friend, yesterday told me. "You miss your space, the time to put your music on, the time to reach your greatest creativity in ur own thoughts"
But what shall I do ?
If my heart and my mind don't have any time to rest and being quiet. I just follow my feelings, ending every time perhpas under the same roof. But in a different space. If I think that this one is the closest way to have a relationship.. I'm wrong. And I know that. Can I do something about ? Do I need a doctor ? Or medicine ?

Trying ur best to be strong, to let understand people that you don't mind. That it could be in that way cause for you is fine.

Having thousands of questions that none understand. Being ignored everytime you try to talk about from the interested who does not deserve you and does not need you as much you do.

Do you think u are good for that ?

Obviously that's just a story.

Talking about the truth, different house different colour and same sofa. You are here whilst ur friend are enjoying the night outside in the beauty of London. And u remember how bad you were getting along with that girl and now how much you love her. And how she makes you feel with just a simple word from that mouth.

Always bear on mind the good thing of life. Forget about the moments even though they keep you awake from what in reality happened. Think about goods just to don't forget that the good is in everybody. And try to listen more to yourself which is the most beautiful, important essence that you have in ur life.

Take care people froma black sofa.

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