The kind of things that you need to take in the proper way. Paying attention about what you're doing, but enjoying everything.

I'm feeling it in the air.
My life is changing. Has changed and it is keep doing it.
I had passed my english exam and I took my IELTS. I actually have and have accepted a unconditional offer from a university. And I'm gonna study. If everything is going in the right way I'm gonna be doing what I really want to do. Being an artist. Being an artist in any shape.

London is such a great city and I can't stop to remember this to myself. All the music, all the people everybody gives inspirations. You can do whatever you want. You can be whoever you wish to be. Just keep mind of who is your real personality. I've been watching couples loving each others. I've been  pretending to be one of those, doing wrong. But everything will be sort out. And you will find again and again yourself. A friend once told me ( and that looks like the kind of things that you will always remember ) "that's the city where you can find yourself". And I've promised to me that will be like that. I'm gonna find out who's Nicoletta.

I met people to a house party. They were older then me, but they took me and kept me between them as I was one of them since ever. I heard an acoustic version of "we are the people" by a gentleman called Joseph who was looking like a 70's rock star and I felt like in a movie. Looking to all these people, the italian couple on the left, they were around 40 years old and with a great english accent. I supposed they have been living here for ages and they still love each others they were looking in their eyes as just teenagers do. There were more people, a big and smiling english girl with a cute child who was just 4 months and has attended already to more parties than anybody else. A spanish girl followed by a 10 years old little girl called Isabella who seems loving pop music, she said she will be a pop star exactly like Adele is.
And then there was the crazy lady with the flowery long maxi vintage dress. She was dancing as a diva in the middle of the living room. I admired here I have to admit that. She looked without any worries or fears. She was just beautiful and I hope to be like her at least once in my life. Dancing, beautiful, in a maxi dress wearing no shoes.
And the greatest thing was that everybody were artists ! Musicians, designers, workers in art galleries, photographers. I loved that. Was really great.

And now I'm finding myself in complete peace with the rest of the word, with a not real broken heart if you think about the whole situation. With a great memories in mind, with a friend really special leaving in three days. That's sad. But that's London and.. cribbio.. Knowing that she's leaving for something
better after having spent so many years here is something that let me full of good purposes. 

I love that city I'm ready to leave yet. I'm gonna walk at night for those street for long time. And Im praying God or whoever Im praying that this won't change.

Well. Good Night xx