People are coming ,people are going, is just London babe.

Here we are with a new path of life ready to start. People have left and the things are really sad, the ones who are still here are just trying to be happy without thinking about the time that we spent all together.
Some of us need to change home, so they're packing and moving around, I'm still in my place where I have my things, my cat , where I had the lovely times that I had when everybody where around.

But is just something new. Something that probably will be my new life, but I'll never forget about the past all the nice people I used to have around me, how we met, how we start partying, how we start having fun, conversation. A group of people that step by step has became friends enough to make a simple night at home in front of some italian dishes worth something.

All the memories I have of those three months is the kind of thing that I don't really want to loose , I will see my friends again, I will talk to them and say how beautiful it was all of that. that's it.

We are strong enough to keep going ahead towards our dreams and if ways have to be different so we need to do, but it does not means that will be the end, it just need to be taken has something new, changes generally bring new things in life and is not said that need to be dramatic and terrible.
We just have to learn to deal with that. 

( Foto by Susanna (': )

Now summer has come, sun is often shining in the sky and people are going around with vest tops , shorts and sandals. I still not feeling like wearing summery stuff.. I'd like to go some days back to my country just to make sure to don't forget how is the real summer.


A few days ago I was walking with a friend through the Regent's Canal. Everything was looking calm and peaceful, there was nothing that could harm the atmosphere, seemed like absence of realty, like in a different word and different way. When we went back to the "city" to the noise, to the cars in the street was like jumping back in the life. I saw a woman she wasn't really young and she smiled at me like if she knew something unfamiliar to me. My absence of shock had not surprise me, in here everything can happen.