would you think about the others ?

I find really hard sometimes understand people's behavior. I still need an explanation of why they must act in a certain way. 

Today was a normal working day. When suddenly seemed like screams were coming from the ground floor and everybody has found out what was going on. A girl had an argument with one of ( I promise ) the most polite member of my staff. Was just impossible. She hit another girl working with me next to him cause she refused to give her details about her name. Then she tried to go straight away to the exit and there another colleague of mine tried to stop her receving as answer  two punches into her face later on another colleague tried to stop her and she just sank her nails into his arm. At this point the security guard tried himself to stopped her and she replied using her umbrella as a weapon. The police has been called by our managers, but the girl was just disappeared. 

I'm so sorry for all my people that have been involved. Hopefully they'll find the girl and give her what she deserves. 

I've been the whole day thinking about this story, thinking about why often black british people in London feel like they have something to fear, having often something to complain about. Like if  they had to show "their power in the city", wake up, people are dying everyday and seems like we just mind to cause troubles and issues to the others just for fun or because there's nothing else to do ? 

And that's just a "small" thing happened in a retail store in Oxford Circus. I don't want even imagine what's going on in the rest of the world.