venerdì, maggio 10, 2013

Four days of peace

At the end of last month I spent four days in Italy in order to attend to my nephew's baptism. My minibreak has been really fast obviously four days are never enough to see family, friends and who else. But is still something that makes you feel close every time you see them, even though for a while like this which has just passed.

The ceremony was really nice and full of children talking aloud and laughing with their parents running behind them and trying to keep them quiet. I've done quite a lot photos I won't post all of them but the most impressive to me. 

Later on, we went in a nice place in Genova's neighborhood. the weather wasn't helpful so we spent most of the time indoors eating traditional italian food, talking about our lives and especially my sister was encharged to the children's entertaing.

I had really good times and I'm grateful to have my family behind all the time, even though I'm in a different country, even though I'm talking a different languange ( Well, I'm trying hard to ), even though we don't see each other as often as before. Just a small series of things that could make the difference but actually they ain't doing it. 

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