Thoughts before going to bed and read some pages..

Have you ever think about what you gonna do once you grown up ?
When I was younger I dreamed about being a vet, later in time about being a Stylist. I never had a deep thought about, I always jumped from one thing to another. I'm 21 years old and I like so many stuff, things, I have just marked a line which is confused and not really straight heading to something, something, not a thing. Just something. I can start to draw a plan thinking about my own passions and my own dreams. But I always asked to myself if is just something about me or rather if, is normal to be still confused after 21 years old. 

Everything, every single thing might be helpful to find a way which could be the right one. Without any fears, nothing to stop you..thoughts.  

Few times happened to me to show a particular will to don't listen to who's talking to me. And realize after that probably that person had realized that I was not really interested into what was talking about. So from that point I start to think that maybe I should do my best to don't lose the attention of this person… Realizing still later that.. I don't really need this attention. Such a selfish person can I be ? 

Anyway.. these are just words. I'm killing Morfeo with my coffee dose and I want to stay awake till my confusions and thoughts will be passed..