lovely times..

This month I've finally been in Italy. Really good times there and even though were just a few days I've found the way to enjoy as much as I could. My family is getting larger I met my new nephew Filippo and I had such a nice moments with my sister and the other little boy. Hope days like these will come with more frequency. I'm really sorry cause I couldn't see all the people I wanted to, but they were just 4 days and is such a big thing divide the time between all of them..

When I left Italy to come back I brought with me my childhood's friend Mary whose travel in London was her first. Staying, living together is such a big opportunity to have back the everything which we lost in these years.. And when after a week she left.. oh what a strange feeling! One week are seven days, several hours and several minutes. We might be able to count them, but in our mind they could be passed fastly or slowly. It depends by how much we enjoyed these moments and I guess we did a lot..
..I don't really know, how do I feel about my life. Need some changes, the big one probably is the one of flatmate. Roberta is gonna live with me, we met a few months ago when she started to join our team in Bershka and since that day we had such a good feeling, I'm sure is going to be funny! 

The main thing is that more I'm living in this city, more I'm knowing people, more I love it. Every week since I'm living here so many people are coming to that place, to sleep, to have a coffee, to have a dinner ( when the bloody hobs are working !) , to celebrate something, to annoy Huna who is here since everything has started. I love it, I love this flat, I'm missing so many things but I will not get back on my path. So many things have to come and so many didn't yet, but I'm still waiting, I'm still trying to do my best, I'm still trying to reach the edge, listen good music, and doing my stuff. 
I made some snaps during this moments I uploaded some on flickr, some others on facebook and I'm going to post some on my blog, they are linked directly with my flickr , so have a look to the others if you'd like to! ( :