Xmas power come to me !

After a what it seems long week here I am writing about me and my everything ( which is not a person definitely  ! lol ) 

This week has begun with a nice party in Fulham to Carla's place.. Was pretty nice. I went with Andrea who seems like ages without meet up! The same guy, same guy of last year, same friend if I can add! We had some talks till late then we went at home getting ready for the next morning which was going to be our first time to Richmond park. What I might say ? ! Has been pretty nice going there. Was first afternoon about 1pm, was sunny and wasn't that cold. I really enjoyed. More talks, walking like crazy travelers in unknown lands ! ( : Ahaha, has been funny and for a several hours I felt like anything could hurt me and completly free. Free. Free. 


Sometimes one of the worst feelings is when you don't feel anything at all. When you feel like having nothing to say to anyone. And you're just going around as a mental pretending to don't understand people and trying to get the best inspiration from everyone.

Is the worst cause don't knowing which part you are turned to and how you can find a way out of this apathetic living status. Art could be a great escape from everything. Is just try to be open-minded and getting the best of everything. 

My cat is sleeping on my shoulder and I don't think he has got any big trouble apart from his little leg which yesterday has been stucked in the chair and today seemed painful to him. I wish to be like a pet sometimes. Just resting, having free food and resting again. Pretty boring , where have we emotions of being an amazing human ? With a great brain, a lovely heart, a strong bones ( just if you use to drink lots of milk glasses )I mean what's better than to be a human ? You could have a life as an animal without knowing the benefits of being human. Sounds nice, even though there aren't always benefits, you have to face the problems too, the problems, your head, your heart, your bones ..all that you could find in this hard path which is life. 


And after all, seemed that I forgot about my little friend Andrew who is studying in Kingston ! We went there to visit him and I found out that  is a really nice area and that he's always the same guy, same friend who I met last year.