venerdì, dicembre 07, 2012

A friend who came back in London after a while

Feeling like a half human after watching a movie is kinda stupid.. There's nothing worse than to want to have a movie's life. Where everything is perfect. There's nothing wrong and the whole eternity is already written . Is too hard to live sometimes.. Is like being children until the end of the days. When one day you wake up and you realize that everything you had need are just simple solutions. There aren't good manners no bad feelings. Just you and your dreams..

But I'm feeling pretty good in here. I've got everything, life, dreams, outbursts, passions, hobbies, inspirations.
The right moment, the right night, the right time.

I've not any solutions.
Just questions.

In a few hours I've to wake up to go to work but it doesn't matter so much.

I keep moving, I keep going around, I keep feeling free like everything were nearly to be over. I feel extremely free as I never felt before. That's my own secret world in which none can enter. Just the people around me, my family, my friends, my family who's a friend, a boy, a every single fuckin thing. Can't stop to feel good. Even If I have to wake up early to go to work. 8 hours fly , and then I'll be again free in the streets of this city which are my home.

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