martedì, giugno 26, 2018

Keyboard never bores me

Every time is the same odd feeling. I remember when I was a teenager was super easy to keep up with a blog, however, nothing really exciting was happening in my life! Now, with all the beauty and stuff actually going on I'm so struggling to even post a few words twice a week.

I've decided to go through my blog once again. The last post I've read is from my trip to Bali. I was reading a few of them: ...getting lost in ricefield, Ubud's monkey forest... I'd love to be back there and live again those moments. Eating banana's pancakes and drinking piña coladas ...I'm trying to stay focus and live the present moment, although taking a walk down memory lane seems a very appealing thing. Before leaving Australia a person that I might consider a friend gave me an incredible book "The Power Of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. That book walked me till the end of my journey home. It blew my mind, teaching me how to see the world and live situations in ways that otherwise I could just have hypothesised.

Just the fact that you can actually live the moment and that there's nothing bad about trying to focus just on what will be in the now rather than in the future is a big step to me, whom I've always been trying to organise everything in my life...

It is something that I will definitely quote more in the next posts if I can carry on writing some more.

...What I was gonna say? It is truly hard to engage and commit to a blog. I've found some posts coming directly from that time where I crossed the East Australian coast - Sydney to Cairns - with three boys, the most incredible adventure ever! It was just so impossible to post some of my writings, the internet connection was rubbish and truly Blogger (by then), didn't have a proper app I could easily use without access to a computer to post a combo of photo and words. So literally, I've got hundreds of pretty moments that I managed to squeeze into words for the glory of my iPhone notes.

I've decided that my laptop shall be again my friend and that I shall solemnly try to keep it up with the post and try to write as much as possible, perhaps ending my post with a little quotation from one of these posts, written-but-left-behind.

...and again ? What's the aim of this post? I don't know yet, I thought I have been a long time without logging in and imagined was gonna be nice to see what I left and here I am.

...Since I'm I could narrate my life at the moment and tell you a bit more about what's going on: I decided to move back to London, coming to the realisation that I really miss Australia (or probably just the fact of being free and surronded by nature and big pets:) ) and what life was there (bear on mind that I could have actually stayed I just didn't think was the perfect time by then). I drastically changed my way to deal with things in Australia. I've learnt things about myself, re-taught to myself how to live life and enjoy the simple things, London doesn't seem so much fun anymore. It is a really good city, full of opportunities, but something has snapped in me. People most of the times ask me if I feel like London is my home, I'm not exaggerating or pretending to be the hippie-gipsy-kind-of-gal, ...BUUUT, I feel like nowhere is my house anymore. See, I come from Italy from a really nice traditional family, my beloved father has always been a visionary individual thinking always what's best for his family; thinking always that the future wasn't here, so when he started talking himself about moving the whole team to Portugal I've kind of started to mentally detach from this house and these walls. This is my physical house, but for how long it will be? And London has been my love but for how long will it last?

"Where to start from? We’ve been travelling for almost more than one month. And I’ve seen and visited incredible things which probably I won’t never forget. The first part of our trip started in Alice’s spring. We decided to...."

Getulio Alviani - Monorecchio, in aluminum, 1965

Truly yours, back again
N xx

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