giovedì, novembre 23, 2017

A slightly old post which I really wanted this blog to have

Eventually the time to leave Sydney has come. It wasn’t easy, people have been saying to me “Just stay! And start your life here.” So many things are keeping myself away from that thought! I’ve been living by myself for ages now, but I can’t still accept to be too far away from my roots. Is it so wrong? I’m trying to keep up with my life every single day, to be straight and in the position. Always ready, always prepared. To have all my things settled up in space, but a times isn’t a easy thing. Like trying to keep a blog and being faithful to it ( I’m pretty sure I still have to write the second part of the trip in New Zealand!), but being close home and have the possibility to hear my parents giving advices to me, makes an enormous difference and I’m not ready to give up to this and perhaps I’ll be never.

 Eventually, as I was stating before, my time has come to an end and the only thing I can think of are the beautiful people I’m leaving behind. I made so many friends and I think the most of I’ll be able to see them around the world, in some sort of corners. It is hard to explain, but it is like anywhere you go makes sure you leave a little piece of yourself, that you will be able to reconnect with just after some time. I think this experience changed me a little. This whole coming to Australia, being stress, the first encounter with Australian people. Everything gave me a new perspective and new baggage of experiences that I’ll probably won’t forget. My friend Katerina told me the other day, you will never forget about this year. I hope so. I don’t want to forget anything about the people I met, all of them has got a different detail, a different smile, a soul, a personality that I want for it to be impressed in my mind. I feel like a painter that has just been gifted with a new palette of beautiful colours.

 And today I’m on this van! With love and friendship together, driving towards the north, Sydney is already far away and it seems like I’ve left it ages ago! I’ve promised to myself that I’ll make the most out of this travelling experience that I’ve got ahead.

 With love and kindness, NB

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