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Royal National park, a bit late... but here I am 😏

With August coming to an end, Australian winter is following, coming soon to an end; it wasn't actually as I imagine, I've thought Australia was never getting any cold, but I was wrong as most of the things. 😂 It doesn't get cold, but like for example the weather has been great and the only thing I had to complain for were the cold winds coming from the Ocean which were incredibly strong and intense. I'd say that Australia winter ❄️ reminds a little bit of English summer, just sunnier. 🤤

No longer ago I've turned 26 and for my bday, we organised a little trip to the Royal National Park, just a hour south from Sydney the park is gorgeous, full of nature, such a nice break from the city. And the weather played a wonderful role in it. (that's why a was so keen to talk about it at the beginning of the post).

It felt so good to drive through the roads of the Royal National Park which impeccably gorgeous and well kept. 

We stayed in this little village called Kirrawe, John, our host was so lovely and explained us a bit more about the sorroundings. It wasn't hard to almost completely forget that we were just few km away from Sydney and getting lost with body, mind and soul in all that beauty. 

John's place was a little apartment with a fantastic view over the National Park, it was like for 3 days the time stopped. We walked around, drank wine, ate beautiful home made dishes. It was paradise.

Every morning, we had a flock of cocotoas seeking for breadcrumbs, they are majestic and so beautiful. I guess for Australian people they are another kind of big colourful parrot living on their high trees, imagine for us coming from Europe where we have just standard European boring pigeons anywhere we go.

 I felt like a child, imagine, us two feeding those large parrots. It was pure happiness.

I'm writing this post with the happiness and the awareness of a new coming trip starting... tomorrow ! Still have to start packing ! The deal is: 1290 KM in 6 days. Are we gonna make it ? 

(I've actually forgot as - sometimes happen - to post what I wrote about a week ago, I'm going to post now anticipating also next New Zealand post... aaah, and the km were a big calculation mistake. It was a waaaay more )


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