martedì, luglio 25, 2017

Case scenario and little update

Hi there! That's me again. 
I'm writing black on white ( or in this case viceversa ) a new challenge for the coming weeks!

I had really to write this! I've eventually committed to the gym, it is such a good news isn't it ? After years of non-habits and (very, very) random running around the canals in London.
I'm regularly going and enjoying myself, I've also started some interesting Yoga classes and everything feels so good. It is not just about getting rid of some extra pounds, it's more the commitment itself, the fact that in the end, you are giving your body a schedule and your body follows up with it without problems or feeling weak every morning you wake up. It's about the balance and if you find balance in the little things such going to the gym, I'm pretty sure soon you will find everywhere. 

Now, second important part of this post. I've recently come to the realisation that I'm not happy at all about my portfolio and that I truly want to do something to improve it and with it my skills. In my free time between working in a busy restaurant and having time to go to the gym and sleep as well, 
I've started to study, how a portfolio should be built and wha I've found is tons of idea that concern the study of a case scenario. In other words, anything you see around that you think isn't working re-do it yourself. First project will be actually about building a website for an imaginary client (which is not so imaginary, I just thought that deserved a better website and that I could be able to build it 🤓 ) and the fun part of it is that once the job will be done I will also try to submit. It is going to be funny and interesting, I'm looking forward this!

may be able to update you very soon with something new :)
For now, I'll leave with this short video realised with after effects and premiere pro.

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