new positivity,...

When do you finally realise when you reach a good peak of happiness?
There are many things. When you look at yourself backwards and you ask to that person what (thanks God ) happened to her that has changed.
The answer its easy. People are receiving weird treating that sometimes they think don't deserve.
They ask what they have done to be treated like that.
I love people. I've always been in love with. I can't think to be bad with someone even though sometimes I could have my reason, but I've just chosen to be like that and I feel it. I believe that "what goes around comes around" so if you do good you will receive.

I've always felt like letting new people coming into my life would be try to change some others who have been. I understood that I can keep people in my life as the way they are, for what they are important for me, still keep going with the life.
I was at work yesterday and I've asked to two of my customers what they were celebrating. They told "Our birthday are going to be in one and then two weeks, so I suppose we are celebrating life.". That was absolutely amazing.

Celebrating life everyday.
Everyday when I woke up I'm surrounded of people that love me, and I feel just beautiful, cause I feel their speciality, their friendship and their love. And even best, woking up when you have next someone who you've been waiting for really long time make me just speechless.

After almost three here in London a still feel a bit like Wendy from Peter Pan, trying to take care about everybody but having none taking care of her. I'm missing my parents as her and sometimes I try to be the stronger one to give energy to all the people around me.
And when I look to my lost guys I can just smile. They're gonna go, they will stay, I will always remember about them. But everything will be beautiful and bright.
Music will always play.

I'm going to start a new year of university and is going to be great, I'm always here. With my clothes, friends, love..

I come back from my holidays. And I've perhaps learned something going through them. I'm working my way through my life.