mercoledì, marzo 05, 2014

Shooting project

We've been quite busy at school from a project to another. We have to start to prepare the book for the end of the year with inside all the projects that we have done during these two semesters and then for photography to get ready a series of 5 pictures for the pin up that we will have on Monday.
I started working on the last one just last Sunday.
I've something already in my mind but I was not really happy about, the project is called Cinemaphoto and is about us getting some ideas for a movie and showing it through a series of 5 pictures. I've shot mine on Sunday with couples of friends who pretended to be punks and skinheads. Was funny cause none of them had never posed, but since we knew each other was quite easy to do it. I have already several pictures of them alone, but still need to work on the top fives.
My inspiration has been taken from Bob Gruen and Anton Corbijn both of them used to shoot for rock bands and in concert and both in black and white. The ones that had a really big impact on me were Bob Gruen's ones which I show below

Mostly of his pictures are of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, he was a big friend of them and perhaps he had the chance of having the best from their private lives. 
I'm really impressed from the last one, Tina Turner in concert, a 1sec exposure picture which since I saw on the website I couldn't stop thinking about getting something similar myself. 
My ones obviously are not even closed to the beauty of those ones. But I'd say that I'm quite happy with the samples. I'm just waiting for the right inspiration to work on the fives that I need (:.

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