People vs Behaviors

The will to say anything. The need to shut. I must don't forget that this is a public blog and that I cannot write whatever bullshit I'd like to.

I'd like to talk about the people, about any kind of people, about the ones in the streets, the ones with who I work with, the ones are taking piss of me and I don't understand why.

The ones that are far but I never forget, the ones that need someone who might take look after them.

I was in the tube with a colleague and I could not took my eyes off from an apparently old lady who was reading a Holy Bible and writing notes on it. I turned to my friend and I said him without stop looking at her " I cannot stop to look at her" and he said "Yeah, I cannot too". My feelings were really confused. I don't know what I was feeling, but was something from the inside that was impossible to keep under control..


Many people keep being rude between each others. And I still cannot understand that. How can you be in a certain way with people that you see with who you talk every single day or most of the week ?

Sometimes I'd like to understand the people's behaviors. But I'm not able to read minds, I'm not able to do that. To talk with them, let them understand that are in the wrong way. We can just talk try to make them understand or better shut up ?

Loads of thoughts, no reasons, no ideas, feeling a bit down..

That's Cristina one of the nicest person I have met in London.