" 'o sole mio sta nfronte a te! "

I've had needed few days to recover myself after I arrived in Italy from London once again. I left London on saturday morning after a long night to the Cable in London Bridge. The music was absolute amazing, the only thing that made us crazy was the queue in which we waited about an hour before finally get inside the club. I didn't stay for long cause I was pretty scared to loose my flight. But I enjoyed the time I stayed there! I hope to go again really soon!

After got home, I took all my stuff closed my luggage and went to take the train to Gatewick I've calmed down just when I realized that nothing would stop me to take that flight. With no hours of sleep behind my shoulders I fell asleep on the plane waking up just once arrived in Naples. The sun was shining, the weather was amazing and definitely warmer than London and the smell of sea was really strong almost everywhere. Claudio came to take me at the airport and we went to the hotel to leave my stuff and then to start my tour around the city... Obviously not before going to take Mario. After hugs and thousand words we walked around the most famous and tourist places. My eyes were amazed, such a big city, with people laughing , screaming in the street, driving like crazy but with something that might be bewitching.

I liked everything in there how I felt, everything what I ate which I guess might allow me to think that in three days I ate the best pizza, the best coffee, and the best ice-cream I ever ate in my life! But I don't want to talk about the food instead I would prefer to talk about the feelings and how it was meeting friends after a year, how it was staying there without actually being a turist, cause I was not feeling that at all.

I just know that on monday morning everyone were feeling weird. I don't know if we were tired or sad. Personally I was tired and sad at the same. And having a coffee with a "cornetto" didn't taste that good at all. Around lunch time after went in some places and took some pictures, all of us were better.. Mario came back home and the rest of us went to spend the last hour in a restaurant.
Then we rushed to the station.. and just for that a quote from Siani come to my mind : "Quando un forestiero viene al Sud piange due volte: quando arriva e quando parte"(When a stranger comes to the South cry twice: when he arrives and when he leaves). My feelings were confused, I was really sad but still a bit happy like something (that actually was nothing ) was coming to make everything and everyone better.

This weekend has seemed really long from one side and really short from the other. I understood so many things, I saw a faboulous city, I saw again my friends. I went in scary place at night. I saw strange people.
I left it with a strange feeling in my chest. I hope to come back soon, have again the great times I had this time.

Now I feel like the best part of the holidays is gone. And like now I've got just to relax myself , stay with my parents and friends enjoy all of them and then get ready to go back in London which I already miss a bit.