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giovedì, febbraio 14, 2013

it's gonna be my ruined

I don't know how I am supposed to feel but all the time since I started to read books when I finish one is like something really little changes in me, feelings, way to act, points of view. Perhaps some changes are temporary, actually most of them are, but some are permanent and It doesn't need to be explained is just something which is brought out from yourself, you cannot deal with that, not at all, It doesn't hurt, it doesn't make you feel better or worst, it just changes.

Charlie has changed me. And I feel it, like when you are in summer at the seaside and you just let floating yourself in the sea and suddenly a tall wave come to slip away your trips and making you swallow liters of water. If I had to describe it I'd definitely do in this way.
When you're reading about someone who seems exactly passing through what you're passing in or you passed is always rather shocking than whatever else someone's story could be told you since those things are written.. You can see the words, you can touch them and you can feel everything in your own mind and heart. You'll see how good you can be even though not all the things you are into are good. And that is such a good thing that make you feel pretty much better. I'm starting to talk about that book to all the people who I think they might deserve it, cause not everybody might be able to read it, not cause they're stupid or they could not understand. Just cause, Charlie for his personality could you make laugh a lot. Specially if you don't have anything in common with him, that's all.

..My parents came over here a few days ago and for me has been a really long week without enough time to sleep, without a bed to sleep since I wanted to stay with my sister, she slept to my place and I stayed on the sofa just to be with her in the same room as we used to be at home. I realized that is not that easy being apart from them, I actually did a few months ago, but what else to do ? Come back ? And for what? Start again being sad? Feel useless ? Without directions towards anything? No way. I'm feeling so good. And the few time I see again my family I'm always enjoying the time with. I love them. And I love the fact that they miss me as much as I do…

That's all for tonight/this morning. I just add some pictures. Cause my father said that my production is not the same of before when I used to upload loads of them and more often, but now is just that most of them I prefer to keep on my mac and then show them at right time, nothing else.

Good night.

Love always,
to who deserve it.

(Have you ever had someone really important to you ? )

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