mercoledì, novembre 14, 2012

Some people said that I am lesbian

First at all, sorry for being away for so much time, but I've been busy and I still am. 
Some changes are in progress and I hope to let you know asap. 

November came with its rain, its sun, its rain again. Its unsure cold. I've never told you how much I love british weather. Have I ? There are some days in which is very hard finding something to wear, because could be cold or warm outside it depends by how the sun feels that day. ( :

Sometimes is still so weird realizing that Im living here. Without my loves ( my friends, my parents, my family ), without any comforts , thinking all days to a way to make stay everything in a steady balance. 

But let's stop with crazy thoughts and let's talk about photography. 

London. Such a turistic place. Have you never tried to go to some different place apart from Buckingham ( GodSaveTheQueen ) palace ? The Tower Bridge ? The awesome Big Ben ?

I mean, there are thousand of things to see around London. For example have you tried with Richmond ? A really small county in west London which I personally think hide the real side of the British London which probably has been searched by the whole mass of turist who every year come to London. 

But I don't want to write anymore.  

Good night x 

SHE drives me crazy.

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