lunedì, ottobre 29, 2012

obsessed by life

Has been a while since last time I wrote a post on here. Things are going in the nicely way possible. Nothing compare with last year. London is my home and nothing can change it. I feel like everything is going to be "easy". Like if I want to do something I've just to do it, to wake up tomorrow and decide it, everything is going to be better. ( I love to repeat it to myself ).

In those days I really need to take pictures around. To put some memories in my hard-disk, just in case one day I will forget everything about this life.

I started my IELTS preparation and hopefully in a few months I'll be able to take it, and then .. we'll see what is going to happen. I'm excited!

Tonight I brought a piece of my family in a such amazing place in Bermondsey, I thought in London there wasn't anymore awesome place like the one on the Jubilee walk, but I was wrong, that one is something that I could never have expected. No turists, no too many people. Just the river, the sand and the sky. Enjoy the less pictures I took.

After that we came back home and Andrea has cooked such a nice dinner, we stayed awake till late talking about life, people, listening good music. 
In those moment, we miss the italian guy Francisco so much...Remembering the good times we had all together I feel like something is missing here..

good night guys. 


(take part in life.)

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